This Week in KidMin

See this week’s Bible passage, Remember Verse, and download the video lesson & At Home weekly!

Our hope is the help you connect with your GTAG Kid & reinforce what they’re learning in church.


You can find information about current and upcoming events, stay connected.

Wednesday Night KidMin is GROWING!

To ensure safety and fun for all, please do not drop you child off before 6 pm unless accompanied by an adult. Dinner is at 5:00 followed by kids’ classes at 6 and adult classes at 6:30.
There is no supervision until 6pm.
Pick up is at 7:30pm. THANK YOU!

The next BGMC is May 7!

What is BGMC? It’s Boys & Girls Missionary Challenge. Bring your pocket change (or $$!) on BGMC Sundays and the kids will collect it during morning service. It’s a joy to teach a child to have a heart for missions. BGMC is a National ministry of the Assembly of God.


After church, the kids will be set up out front with baked treats & sweets for sale. Monies earned will help sponsor kids for camp!

First Sunday each month!

wednesday night small groups

Boys K-6 Grades

Royal Rangers is an activity-based, small-group church ministry for boys with a mission to evangelize, equip and empower the next generation of Christlike men and lifelong servant leaders.

The boys participate in weekly classes & events throughout the year.

Classes meet at 6:00pm on Wednesday nights.

Outpost Coordinator- Logan Pippin
K-2 Grade Ranger Kid Leaders- Logan Pippin & Steve Porter

3-5 Grade Discovery Ranger Leaders- Will Harrell & Aaron Brock

6th Grade Adventure Ranger Leaders- Joey Smith

Rainbow Kids Ages 3-5

Kids ages 3-K  enjoy a fun, interactive learning experience.

*Must be potty trained to attend without an parent/guardian.


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